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Guest post: It’s time for Walker Stapleton – and Colorado –...

Between 1923 and 1947, Benjamin Stapleton served five terms as Denver’s mayor. He gained and retained his office by winning financial and grassroots support...

Littwin: Stapleton must wish his KKK-stained great-grandfather was his biggest problem

It had to happen. Denver’s KKK-stained history has gone national. A New York Times story Tuesday, written by the excellent Julie Turkewitz,  questions whether...

Denver KKK cop painting: What’s wrong with this picture?

By now, you've probably seen the painting everyone in Denver's talking about. It depicts a city cop as a Ku Klux Klan-style child killer. Denver...

Wiretap: Trump won’t renounce a KKK endorsement. Daddy issues?

Civil war? If you've missed the latest news from Trump World, the Republican Party looks as if it's headed toward a not-so-civil war. In brief,...

Denver’s black churches unite after Charleston shooting

"Where are we safe? Our children are victimized at school. Our young men are being killed by the police over, and over, and over again. Now we go to the house of God, a house of prayer, a place of worship, and we are attacked in the house of God because somebody wants to kill black people. Where are we safe?"

VIDEO: From the ashes of a murder rises a movement of...

It wasn't that long ago that Kansas legislator Virgil Peck said undocumented immigrants should be shot from planes. That may be an extreme view, at least so publicly expressed by someone so prominent, but almost every day someone on talk radio says something nearly as offensive.

When Colorado was Klan country

This week’s legislative kick-off, with African-American men leading both the Colorado Senate and House of Representatives, is historic indeed, and many have highlighted the import of the moment. After all, it was less than a century ago that the Ku Klux Klan dominated much of Colorado politics, even claiming then-Gov. Clarence Morley a member. But it would be wrong, as has been suggested in some news reports, to claim that the only targets of the Klan of the early-to-mid 1920s in Colorado were people of color. Rather, as historians have detailed, the primary motivation of the Klan in Colorado was to promote “100 percent Americanism” — and that meant also targeting Jews and Roman Catholic immigrants.

Colorado brother of Klan victim denied redress

James Moore, who lives in Colorado Springs, fought for years to rectify his brother's death. In 1964, Charles Moore and a friend, both 19-year-old black males, were found dead in the Mississippi River. Decades later, James Moore pieced together a painstaking narrative that named James Ford Seale, a Ku Klux Klan member, responsible for the disappearance and ultimate death of his brother.
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