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Bennet votes with Senate GOP in pipeline political theater

Bennet didn't just vote for the bill. He also voted against amendments brought by Democrats meant to shore up environmental protections.

Tancredo will be Tancredo

The Colorado GOP’s nightmare is coming true. Tom Tancredo, unfazed by the candidates running against him, is speeding toward victory in the primary race for governor.  

Last-ditch fracking legislative push doomed from the start

State lawmakers here working feverishly in the last days of the legislative session failed to come up with a bill that could ease the high tensions building for years around boom-time drilling and fracking in Colorado, tensions that were never likely to be eased at the capitol.

Colorado GOP staffers blame Wadhams for candidate vetting lapses

The Colorado Republican Party's effort to win back top seats has been characterized nationally as a "gaffapalooza” and a "farce," with many analysts pointing fingers at state GOP Chairman Dick Wadhams. Observers on the ground in Colorado, including GOP staffers and candidates, say that in the year of the Tea Party, Wadhams simply failed to properly vet candidates. The top-of-the-ticket false starts and shuffling have drawn plenty of attention and spawned mockery but the farce grows dark at the bottom of the ticket, where GOP candidates with criminal histories of violence and abuse dot the ballot.
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