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Feds set urgent deadline on Colorado River drought plan Interior Dept....

LAS VEGAS – Reforming western water policy has always been an exercise in political maneuvering, stop-and-start negotiations and bureaucratic delays. Progress comes slowly and...

Is a water war brewing on the Colorado River?

Officials from Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, and New Mexico recently sent a letter to counterparts in Arizona, hoping to avert a crisis. The problem, if...

Our great overtaxed Colorado River: The New Yorker profile

As The Colorado Independent has been reporting, the state is developing a new master water plan. And as David Owen makes plain in a...

Water shortages in the West: ‘You ain’t seen nothing yet’

An extraordinary set of circumstances produced the Colorado River Compact of 1922. The question now is whether the compact and other laws and treaties collectively called the Law of the River are sufficiently resilient to prevent teeth-barring among the seven states of the basin in circumstances that during the 21st century may be even more extraordinary.

High snowfall brings good and bad to Colorado

All you have to do is look toward the mountains to know something unusual is happening. It's pushing June, and Colorado high country remains decidedly white. It's not unusual to see snow on the mountains any time of year. What is unusual is the depth of that snow.

In the West, it’s always about the water

“We have to get serious about water,” Republican gubernatorial candidate Dan Maes said during a debate Saturday. When the Colorado Independent asked Democratic nominee John...
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