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Dems set carbon-cutting goal of 50% by 2030; activists call it...

Update: The bill, HB-1261, passed the House on April 16 by a 41-23 party-line vote.  Political realities inside the Gold Dome are tempering lawmakers’ efforts...

Stalking, sexual assault victims may be able to break rental agreements...

Women’s groups, advocates for the homeless and those who support victims of sexual assault or stalking are cheering a near-unanimous vote today on a...

Cross dressing allegation hits Colorado Springs House race

  You might think campaign allegations of “cross dressing” are a transphobic anachronism in 2016. Not in Colorado Springs. According to a weekend story in...

House says no full-strength beer in grocery stores

A bill that would have allowed Walmart and other big-box grocery stores to carry full-strength beer died in the House Thursday. On the House floor legislators said the doubling of stores selling beer would compromise the promise liquor store owners were given by the state when they decided to invest in the industry.

‘Payday’ loan bill sails through House

Legislation changing last year's consumer protection law governing deferred deposit lending passed out of the House Thursday morning after being scheduled in a breakneck, three-day sprint to passage. The Republican sponsor of the bill, Rep. Larry Liston, Colorado Springs, said House Bill 1290 instates a non-refundable origination fee that last year's law was meant to contain. Mark Ferrandino, D-Denver, the sponsor of last year's HB 1351, said the bill was never meant to have that provision.

Payday loan fee increase moves out of committee

Expressing concerns that loan sharks may become the new lenders for the poor, and saying they fear the loss of further jobs in a down economy, legislators Tuesday passed a bill to allow deferred deposit loan corporations to retain up-front fees.

Ten legislators abandon controversial Republican Study Committee

Former Colorado Springs Senator Dave Schultheis is no longer holding forth on bills on the Senate floor in Denver, but he has continued to exert influence this year as the powerful force behind the conservative Republican Study Committee of Colorado. Now that influence may be waning. This week, a third of the RSCC flock quit the committee, rejecting the would-be radical-right revival.

Payday loan providers help introduce bipartisan bill to House

The battle over payday loan fees will strain partisan loyalties at the Legislature again this year as new legislation was introduced Friday in the House.

Gessler/Holbert bill would target ineligible voters: Voter advocates cry foul

A bill designed by Secretary of State Scott Gessler and sponsored by Rep. Chris Holbert, R-Parker, to ensure the integrity of the Colorado voting system is being called a means to reduce voter participation by voters' rights advocates.

Hullinghorst’s pay-go dies on House floor

Pay-go legislation dies in House. Republicans call it a gimmick, while Dems tout it as a way to improve government and save the sate money.