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GUEST POST: Trump’s racism from a Colorado Latino perspective

For several months, we’ve seen Republican Party leaders distance themselves from Donald Trump because of his outrageous and offensive comments. Video recordings of Trump...

What you need to know about efforts to redistrict Colorado

You pull out your November ballot and read over several measures about redistricting congressional and legislative districts. Your eyes glaze over. Can you unpack...

Redistricting initiative would “destroy the Latino vote in Colorado”

  A ballot measure submitted for the 2016 election to set up a bipartisan commission to redraw boundaries for both congressional and legislative districts would weaken...

Colorado Latinos to the GOP: ‘Intolerance won’t win our votes’

Even though the pack of Republican candidates were the marquee event Wednesday, Colorado Latino leaders, students and community members weren't about to be upstaged. Hundreds turned...

GOP heavyweights woo Hispanics with candy and fluffy dogs

“Sitting around waiting for minorities to come to us ain't cut'n it, we must go to them! ” wrote Derrick Wilburn on his Facebook...

Littwin: Drawing Republicans to the square state that slipped away

  AS you've probably heard, Denver has made the Final Four in the 2016 GOP convention playoffs, along with Dallas, Kansas City and, yes, Cleveland. I've...

Latino voters favor Obama by wide margin, Fox poll indicates

According to a poll released this week, Latino voters are more likely to favor President Obama than any of the GOP presidential candidates.

Latinos just not that excited by GOP hopefuls

A poll released by Latino Decisions — an organization that focuses on “states in which the Latino vote will play an important role in the 2012 elections” — shows that GOP presidential candidates have low recognition among Latino voters. According to the Latino Decisions poll released Monday, “none of the Republican presidential candidates has been able to captivate or attract the attention of Latinos until now. In other words, for the time being, among the eight candidates, there is no one equivalent to George W. Bush who would attract a significant percentage of the Latino vote.”

Latino vote up for grabs, but GOP rhetoric may cost votes

Latino entrepreneurs, conservative policy groups and media outlets continue to closely track what GOP 2012 presidential candidates are saying about issues important to Hispanic voters.

Latino vote may have been under-counted in polling

Even though everyone knew incumbent Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet had closed the gap between himself and longtime front-runner Republican Ken Buck in the weeks...
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