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Romney gains in Colorado but losing big among crucial voting blocs

A recent survey of Colorado voters shows likely Republican Party presidential nominee Mitt Romney making slight gains in the state, mostly among unaffiliated voters, but still trailing Pres. Obama overall, and especially among young people, women and Latino voters.

Romney, Obama both hustling for Latino voters

Both President Obama and Mitt Romney discussed the importance of the Latino vote over the weekend. According to MSNBC’s First Read, speaking at a private fundraiser in Palm Beach over the weekend, ”Romney told his audience, ‘We have to get Hispanic voters to vote for our party,’ warning that recent polling showing Hispanics breaking in huge percentages for President Obama ‘spells doom for us.’”

Latino voters not that happy with tenor of immigration debate

GOP presidential candidates have voiced their support for immigration policies that leave out most Latino voters, who are looking for a commonsense solution to the issue, but Democrats are not doing much better, participants in Spanish language Univision news show Al Punto said Sunday.

Latina voters support abortion rights, poll shows

A new survey released from the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health found that “strong majorities” of Latina/os registered to vote support “access to legal abortion, affirm that they would offer support to a close friend or family member who had an abortion, and oppose politicians interfering in personal, private decisions about abortion,” the group reports.

Latino evangelicals rally to register young voters

Evangelical leaders joined DREAM Act-eligible youth in Florida this week to launch Nuestro Futuro, a campaign to work with church networks and youth leaders to bring Latino evangelical youth to the polls in 2012.

Affordable Care Act popular with Latino voters

Latino voters support the Affordable Health Care Act, but do not support the mandate to purchase coverage, according to a poll released late last week..

GOP ready to fight Sotomayor as Latino support for Republicans erodes

On the heels of a poll that shows Latino voter support for the Republican Party dropping into single digits, GOP senators are preparing to launch a new round of attacks on Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor, Roll Call reports. Only 8 percent of Latino voters view the Republican Party favorably, compared with 86 percent who view it unfavorably, according to a nonpartisan Research 2000 poll released Monday by Daily Kos. That's down from the already low esteem Latino voters had for Republicans before the Sottomayor nomination, The Plum Line's Greg Sarget points out. In May, the GOP was viewed favorably by 11 percent of Latino voters and unfavorably by 79 percent.

Tweet of the Week: Tancredo, La Raza cage match live on...

sanchez-tweet Well, that ought to be a real Frost/Nixon television moment.

Former Senate candidate Schaffer pitches margaritas at Cinco de Mayo

Has Bob Schaffer finally decided to court the Latino vote? The former Republican congressman and twice-failed hopeful for the U.S. Senate notoriously spurned entreaties by Hispanic GOP leaders to target Colorado's fastest-growing bloc of voters. “I’ve never campaigned like that," Schaffer said shortly before going down to defeat to Democrat Mark Udall by 11 points. "I consider myself to be an American first.” Fast forward six months. Margarita pitchman Schaffer is turning attention to the state's Hispanic culture in a big way, targeting Denver's Cinco de Mayo celebration with family concoction Coyote Gold named the "Official Margarita" of the holiday, which commemorates a blow struck for Mexican independence.

Bennet bonds with national Hispanic business leaders

Colorado's newest senator was a big hit at the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce annual legislative conference Monday after an auspicious hat tip to his predecessor Ken Salazar, now the secretary of the Interior. Sen. Michael Bennet's videotaped remarks also note his tenure at the Denver Public Schools working with high numbers of Hispanic students and parents. Said Bennet, "The zip code you are born in shouldn't determine where you end up."
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