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McCain camp chief says GOP ‘attitude vs. Hispanics’ cost Colorado election

In a story on a postelection "war stories" panel conducted Thursday at Harvard University among top strategists from the Obama and McCain campaigns, the National Journal's Nicholas Tabor reports — among plenty of behind-the-scenes insights into the 2008 presidential campaign — that the McCain campaign gets it when it comes to the GOP's failed relationship to Hispanic voters in key states, including Colorado.

Colorado Latinos turned out in record numbers

Latino voters turned out in record numbers in Colorado this year, more than doubling their turnout since 2004, according to recent polling data. More than 330,000 Latinos voted in the state last week, compared with 165,000 in 2004, based on exit polling from media outlets like the Wall Street Journal and Voto Latino, a national nonprofit organization that organized Latino voting drives in the state.

Latino voters leave Weld County polls without voting, say election advocates

Reports are streaming out of Weld County that Hispanic voters are leaving polling places without voting because voter information, including ballots, had not been translated into Spanish and because of a lack of translators available at polling places.

Labor launches election ‘protection,’ GOTV efforts in Colorado

A coalition of nonprofit groups, the AFL-CIO and election attorneys is working to protect the vote in Colorado and eight other battleground states.

Poll: Obama leading among Hispanic voters nearly 2-to-1

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama is leading nationally among Hispanic voters while Republican John McCain is leading heavily with white evangelicals, according to polling data released Sunday by the Pew Research Center, a nonpartisan organization.

Obama whomps McCain in PPP poll, up by 17 points in...

It's all over but the voting, and most of that is already over too, according to a Public Policy Polling (PPP) survey of Colorado voters released early Friday morning. "Barack Obama's already just about won the race for President in Colorado," PPP pollster Tom Jensen wrote, pointing to the Democrat's 17-point lead over Republican John McCain among the state's early voters and 10-point lead overall.

Groups planning to get out Latino vote in Colorado

After knocking on more than 16,000 doors in the state, national Latino advocacy organizations and their volunteers are planning to target three areas in Colorado to get out the vote on Election Day.

Obama campaign launches new Spanish-language ads in Colorado

Supporters of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama have announced that new Spanish-language advertisements will be airing in Colorado and other battleground states.

Emerging Latino community stirs need for bilingual poll workers

With a lengthy state ballot and expected lines at the polls, Denver officials say they are working to make sure that on Election Day every voting precinct in the city has at least one bilingual poll worker to assist those who may not speak English. There is a specific emphasis on Spanish speakers.

New citizens expected to play big role in emerging Latino vote

More than a million recently naturalized citizens are projected to play a pivotal role during the presidential election, adding to a young and emerging Latino voter demographic in Colorado and throughout the country, according to analysts.
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