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Ferrandino: McNulty risking billion-plus just to satisfy payday loan industry

Denver Democratic Rep. Mark Ferrandino this morning told radio host David Sirota that Coloradans should demand state Republican Speaker of the House Frank McNulty strip out the last-minute amendment his caucus added to the annual rule-making bill in order to roll back payday loan fee regulations put in place last year. Ferrandino said Republicans were playing chicken with billions of dollars in Colorado business revenue just to cater to one special-interest group.

Suthers payday donations spark interest in campaign finance restrictions

Colorado Attorney General John Suthers is unabashed about having taken campaign cash from the payday loan industry. The donations and his refusal to return them have spurred disgust among Democratic lawmakers and on the part of Suthers' campaign opponent, Democrat Stan Garnett, who have suggested future laws might head off the kind of relationship Suthers appears to have entered into with payday lenders and their lobbyists.

AG’s Udis sides with consumers in payday rulemaking

DENVER -- After four hours of testimony and deliberation in the old Supreme Court chambers of the state Capitol, First Assistant Attorney General Laura...

Suthers campaign cash hangs over payday loan hearing

Attorney General John Suthers is not writing the new rules that will govern the payday loan industry in Colorado. That's why he is playing down the $10,000 in campaign donations he has received from the industry, saying the cash won't influence the final contours of the new state regulations. The person writing the rules, Laura Udis, has worked in the attorney general's department of consumer protection for more than two decades. She told the Colorado Independent that Suthers has so far not been involved in her work on the path-breaking payday legislation that was passed in the spring and that she expects Suthers to remain uninvolved.

Lending business v. Plain old usury: Notes from the Colorado payday...

For six hours Monday in the packed Old Supreme Court Chambers of the Capitol before the House judiciary committee, lawmakers and lenders and borrowers...
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