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Denver police take the Olympic gold in rambling racist rantings

Just as the Denver Police Department is getting ready to rumble — rolling out its brand new pepperball launchers and other riot toyz, the newsweekly Westword has pulled a dusty video out of some basement vault showing a 1979 recruiting class being berated by a commanding officer as “niggers,” beaners,” “greasers” and “homos,” demanding Jewish recruits ID themselves and questions women on their promiscuity. The shocking video, nearly 20 minutes long, may be old, but it doesn’t exactly promote the Mile High City as forward thinking at a particularly crucial moment.

Beware ‘bomb-throwing Bolsheviks on bicycles’

Watch out, everyone! Not only could you go to jail for carrying around bags of poop and pee (although really, why would you be doing that anyway?), but now those bikes in the garage and old maps in the glove box could land you a ticket straight to the chain link jungle.

Aurora police union secures raise for cops

Some police officers could be smiling as they head to the Democratic National Convention next week, but not because they’re looking forward to controlling crowds, protecting the nation’s politicians or seeing Sen. Barack Obama speak.

Monster fusion center to coordinate DNC intelligence

The Democratic National Convention will serve as a catalyst for the creation of a temporary "super fusion" center that two local police officials hope will permanently expand domestic intelligence powers in Colorado.

Report: ‘Fusion centers’ called new domestic spying machine

Hot on the heels of an investigative series by The Colorado Independent and affiliates on “fusion centers" comes a new report by the American...

Colorado ‘fusion center’ to step up intelligence gathering during DNC

Federal and state law enforcement officials will increase intelligence operations during the Democratic National Convention, overseeing an information war room that will be staffed...

Western Slope Round-Up: Keeping the Peace

We cover two subjects of importance over the Divide: keeping the peace and watching the weather.Delta In; Aspen Out Last week's Western Slope Roundup included...

Western Slope Round-Up: Watering Growth

Growth and water will always be joined at the hip in Western Colorado. So, if you move to the mountains, there are two items...

Once More, Dude Gets His Day on the Ballot

Mason Tvert doesn’t look like a stoner named Dude. On Monday night, as Denver City Council Chamber hosted more dreadlocks, male ponytails and, of...

Western Slope Round-Up: Lions, Beetles and Bears. Oh, My!

Drought conditions and a late spring frost on the Western Slope have forced wildlife into urban areas in the search for food. Yet, these...
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