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Scuttled mine clean-up bill will rise again in Congress

LEADVILLE — A long overdue environmental clean-up bill that would see industrially contaminated water evacuated from the Leadville Mine Drainage Tunnel was voted down last week in Congress, scotched in part by Colorado Democrats in a first reading that suspended the U.S. House's usual time-consuming rules of order.

Democrats scotch Lamborn’s Leadville Mine Tunnel bill

LEADVILLE-- Citizens here will continue to wait for the federal government to take responsibility for a mine drainage tunnel running through town and brimming with contaminated water.

A U.S. House bill ordering the Bureau of Reclamation to pump and clean the contaminated water backed up behind a blockage in the Leadville Mine Drainage Tunnel was voted down Tuesday, largely by Democrats, including two from Colorado, in what observers suggest looked like clear political gamesmanship.

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