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Marijuana initiative signatures to get line by line review

The Colorado Secretary of State's office announced today that after reviewing a random sample of signatures turned in by supporters of marijuana legalization measure Initiative 30 it will be necessary to review all 163,598 signatures.

Second Colorado marijuana legalization initiative moving forward

When it comes to marijuana, Colorado has been at the forefront for years and that will only intensify in the 10 months between now and election day.

Coloradans favor legalizing marijuana and they love Tim Tebow

It is probably just a coincidence, but polling released today by Public Policy Polling shows that Coloradans love Tim Tebow and think marijuana should be legal. If they had to choose one or the other, though, it looks like Tebow in a landslide.

ACLU endorses marijuana legalization in Colorado

The ACLU of Colorado Thursday announced it has endorsed the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana like Alcohol.

Daily Mail brags on Denver pot stores as campaign for legalization...

As advocates of legalizing marijuana in Colorado kick off a campaign to begin gathering signatures today with a press conference in front of the City and County Building, the UK's Daily Mail publishes a major photo essay on medical marijuana in Denver.