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Colorado lawmakers can now request reports on their bill’s contribution to...

Lawmakers will soon have a better sense as to whether laws they write contribute to climate change.  The Democratic-controlled statehouse passed a bill in the...

Colorado Legislature 2018: Shortfalls in a time of plenty

When lawmakers drive to Denver next week to convene the 2018 legislative session, they will see about a dozen cranes across the city’s skyline,...

Curry, Roberts plan to delay mandate moratorium

One hurdle has been lowered for this session's proposed state legislation that would seek to force health insurance companies to cover more people and more conditions in Colorado. State Reps Kathleen Curry and Ellen Roberts have decided to postpone a controversial moratorium on health insurance mandates in a bill they argue will improve the mandate process .

Colorado maternity bill would require coverage for birth control

A proposed state bill that would require Colorado insurance companies to cover maternity care has a new addition: The bill would also require insurance companies to cover birth control.
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