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Colorado resort owner Intrawest could lose Whistler ski area during Olympics

Perhaps the biggest event of next month’s Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, British Columbia, won’t be the downhill, or the women’s figure skating finals,...

The faces of the financial crisis

The U.S. financial system faces a grave crisis as investment giants teeter on the edge of collapse. These institutions aren't merely made of paper and percentages, though. They're led by people — people who've made some rotten decisions in recent years. Whereas we'll hear much in the coming weeks about the federal regulators who are scrambling to avert a disaster, we should also hear about the CEOs who got very rich while their firms crumbled.

Jon Stewart explains banking collapse

As news hit this week of a banking collapse in America that has further threatened an already weak economy and plummeted stocks on Wall Street in what some analysts call the worst stock market crash since the Great Depression, the economic genius otherwise known as Jon Stewart has cleverly explained what is really going on.