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Humane society? Lethal injection is more regulated for pets than for...

When it comes to lethal injection, who gets better treatment: sick pets or death-row inmates? This morning, we reported that the Supreme Court will be hearing...

Wiretap: Another botched execution

  It was another botched execution - this time in Arizona. It took nearly two hours for murderer Joseph Wood to die. As in the...

Oklahoma to use secretly-sourced, experimental lethal injections in spite of court...

Oklahoma revealed plans Tuesday to use an experimental mix of lethal injections from a secret source to execute two men later this month. Despite a ruling that secrecy around Oklahoma’s purchases of lethal injections is unconstitutional, the state’s attorney general’s office still won’t identify the source of the drugs.

Oklahoma Judge: Lethal injection secrecy law is unconstitutional

Exhibits in Wednesday’s proceedings included documents from an exposé by Katie Fretland published last week in The Colorado Independent. Emails in the document referred to problems obtaining lethal injection drugs, which have been yanked off the market by drug companies who don’t want their products used in executions.

Records show Oklahoma officials wanted perks for helping Texas in search...

Oklahoma announced that a secret deal to buy drugs to carry out two executions fell through, highlighting a shadowy market for death penalty 'cocktails' and raising questions about capital punishment and public accountability.

State Ordered to Disclose Execution Plans

State secrecy about Colorado’s death penalty protocols has been deemed illegal by a Denver District Court.

ACLU Still Pushing for Secret Nathan Dunlap Execution Documents

When Gov. John Hickenlooper this week blocked the execution of Nathan Dunlap, he called for a statewide conversation about the death penalty. His decision to reprieve the Chuck E. Cheese’s murderer came weeks after Colorado lawmakers killed a bill to abolish capital punishment on grounds that the topic needs more public debate.
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