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Ritter signs green vehicle bill; beetles headed to hearing on Hill

Picture a scenario sometime after 2010 where -- if Gov. Bill Ritter is reelected and the Dems keep control of the statehouse -- we’ll all be driving plug-in hybrids that run on a mix of ethanol and ground-up bark beetles, with tiny snowboarders emblazoned on our license plates. It’s a nightmare vision for most right-wingers, straight out of the Shangri-La they sneeringly refer to as the “People’s Republic of Boulder,” but it’s a little closer to reality today after Governor Renewable signed House Bill 1331, which provides state tax incentives for high-tech, fuel-efficient vehicles.

Powder day at A-Basin as Ritter signs beetle-kill, ski license plate...

Gov. Bill Ritter is hitting the slopes at Arapahoe Basin today to sign some ski-related bills — not to indulge in the two inches of new snow that fell overnight at the state’s remaining ski area still open for business. If Ritter gets the same kind of reception he got Tuesday during a bill-signing ceremony at the Capitol, he’ll likely get a snowball in his ear at A-Basin, which closes for the season Sunday.

Brophy mocks ‘ACLUSUX’ license plate as big FU to civil liberties...

State Senator Brophy, R-Wray, is in a kind of dialog with the American Civil Liberties Union and, like Miss California, is making sad entertainment of his wrestling with the ideas behind free speech and civil liberties.

Colorado DMV nixes TOFU vanity plate citing obscenity concern

The Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles turned down a request from a vegan driver to display ILVTOFU on a set of personalized license plates because the phrase could be construed as obscene, Tom McGee reports in The Denver Post. ""We don't allow FU because some people could read that as street language for sex," Department of Revenue spokesman Mark Couch told the Post.

New Colorado skier plate could touch off Utah boarder war

More people ski more days in Colorado than any other state, but you wouldn’t know it out on the open road, unless you’re stuck in weekend skier traffic on I-70.
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