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Democratic debate: What candidates said about Colorado and gun legislation

During last month's Republican presidential debate, Colorado played a larger role than any other state because of legalized marijuana. This month, during the Democratic presidential debate...

Colorado will ask DEA to reschedule marijuana, in recognition of medical...

Governor Lincoln Chaffee of Rhode Island and Governor Christine Gregoire of Washington have petitioned the federal government to change the schedule of marijuana under the Controlled Substances Act, a move they claim will remove the conflict between federal drug laws and state laws that allow the establishment of medical marijuana dispensaries. Colorado will file its own request before the end of the year.

Push and pull over same-sex marriage in legislatures around the country

Surprising news from Maryland Friday, as reports come out that a same-sex marriage bill that looked certain to pass has been withdrawn. It will...

Rhode Island governor rescinds state’s participation in E-Verify and other programs

As Colorado enters life with Secure Communities, Rhode Island exits stage left. Less than a day after taking office, Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chaffee signed an order getting the state out of E-Verify and other immigration programs.