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Bob Schaffer plays with pigs with lipstick too

What with the "lipstick on a pig" having become the phrase o' the week, it's high time someone points out that U.S. Senate candidate Bob Schaffer was glossing that sow's rim way back in May. At the Colorado state GOP convention in Broomfield, Schaffer uttered one his most memorable lines of his nominating speech when he mocked that "other party" for its claims of wanting change.

It’s the lipstick, stupid!

While the mainstream media subjects Americans to a sound bite loop about cosmetics on a variety of four-legged animals, you have to wonder if this election is really still largely about the country’s struggling economy.

Putting earmarks into perspective

John Cole at Balloon Juice.com makes a very important point that every voter should heed. Break out the calculators, kids.
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