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Senate health care bill includes (mostly) good reforms for women

With one exception, the newly-introduced Senate health care bill(pdf) would provide the three major gender reforms advocated for by groups such as The National...

House health care reform bill good news for women

The House health care bill(pdf) unveiled by Democrats this week would make the world of health insurance a whole lot better for women. “There’s so...

Lamborn rejects move to end health insurance gender discrimination

Colorado’s U.S. congressional delegation expressed support this week for the move to end gender discrimination in the current health care insurance market through regulatory legislation — the entire delegation, that is, except 5th District Republican Doug Lamborn, a free-market Colorado Springs ideologist who appears to be looking past the modern history of the health insurance industry to see consumer choice as the way to create more equitable rates. That's not good enough for lawmakers responding to calls from the increasing numbers of American women frustrated by years of uneven rates and inadequate biased coverage.
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