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Residents fight developer building in historic Littleton

It didn’t surprise Leah Burkett to learn that the old Sheriff’s Department building across from her house was up for redevelopment. Perched on a...

Taming the South Platte River

Making sure there's plenty of clean water for people to use on a daily basis isn't easy in a world with 7 billion people....

Enron’s Skilling: Involuntary Littleton resident hated like a terrorist

Convicted capitalist criminal and former Enron chief executive Jeff Skilling says he was too detested in Houston to get a fair trial. He lives...

State Rep. Rice to ship out to Baghdad for fourth military...

Army Reserve Colonel and Littleton Democrat Joe Rice announced today that he will be deployed to Iraq this month — his fourth tour to the war-torn region to train Iraqi security forces.

Modular biopower yet to take root in Colorado despite beetle-kill epidemic

Robb Walt, cofounder of Littleton-based Community Power Corporation, says he’s doing a brisk business these days in modular biopower systems, but not in Colorado despite a huge potential fuel load in the form of a mountain bark-beetle epidemic that’s killed millions of acres of lodgepole pines.

Honey, let’s float a ballot initiative!

Is Barack Obama's birth certificate a fake? Has he illegally sneaked lessons he learned as an infant born somewhere "over there" into the highest office of the land? That's one of the more popular set of ideas animating attendees at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) this week in D.C. and, Colorado voters will be pleased to learn, one that also informs an amendment appearing on the list of proposed initiatives for the 2010 ballot.

Reaching Out to Immigrants One By One

Integrating foreign-born newcomers can be difficult, but a mentoring program in Littleton is finding success in an individualized approach.Jan Masters, a former schoolteacher, and...

Free Speech Question In Littleton

Community members against a proposed Wal-Mart "super center" in their neighborhood were not allowed to wear buttons or T-shirts during a city hall meeting...
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