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Wiretap: Liz Cheney, quitter

A tweet on the news from Wyoming: "First, relocate your family, destroy friendships and alienate your sister. Then, drop out." The question that remains: How many people is it possible to alienate in a state that has so few people?

Liz Cheney’s same-sex sister and same-sex sister-in-law slam her on family...

How you know it's 2013: Same-sex marriage becomes a major issue in the Republican Senate primary race in Wyoming. Yes, the Cheney family is back.

Markey, Salazar join effort to cool U.S.-Afghanistan relations

Colorado members of Congress Betsy Markey and John Salazar visited Afghanistan last week to take a read on President Hamid Karzai, who has been under fire as a waffling ally at best and a traitor at worst. As analysts increasingly train their focus on the country's engagement with Afghanistan, the American relationship with Karzai has grown volatile. Pres. Obama has been pressuring Karzai to retain foreign election fraud commissioners and to endorse the Kandahar offensive the U.S. is planning for later in the spring, but Karzai has been erratic, feeling undermined by Obama and America and seeming increasingly like an unraveling power-hungry dictator. Karzai said at the beginning of the month that if "foreign interference" in his government continues, he might join the Taliban as a legitimate force of resistance.

Liz Cheney sympathizes with the Birthers

Joan Walsh saw this last night: Liz Cheney, the most famous former principal deputy assistant secretary of state for near eastern affairs in American...
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