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Hard-pressed Cortez educators ask neighbors to embrace Amendment 66 tax proposal

CORTEZ, Colo. -- They're still here. They've been here 12 hours. It’s just another day at Kemper Elementary School, where annual funding for each student is $6,328, which means it's $4,506 below the national average.

Old school: A veteran high school teacher on starting over, again

The new directive to “de-clutter your rooms” demonstrates a kind of sad denial on the part of administrators that packing 40 kids into a classroom is the worst and most negligent kind of clutter.

Texas tax give-back to oil companies set to further drain school...

Public school districts in Texas as in Colorado this year have filed suit to stop the cash-strapped state from raiding the education budget. Coloradans will be interested in the latest developments in the Lone Star state. A proposed series of tax credits for the oil industry would drain even more funds from the schools there. The credits would give back roughly $150 million to oil refinery operators, part of a "business friendly" policy championed by GOP governor-turned-presidential-candidate Rick Perry. Adding insult to injury, the state is asking certain school districts to give back money they've already received in order to fund the oil-company give-backs.
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