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Lobbyist Ben Waters may be in hot water for lying to...

Update: April 19, 2016: Rep. Jon Becker met with Gov. John Hickenlooper's office and lobbyist Ben Waters and decided not to file an ethics...

Construction-defects bill may have failed, but lobbyists won big

Looking towards a repeat effort to make it more difficult for HOAs to sue developers over construction defects, homebuilders spent $158,000 in direct contributions to state...

Greenhouse ap: Mouse over politician’s name, get the rundown on their...

How great if after a vote on legislation is reported or before a vote is cast, you could simply scroll over the names of the people in Congress, hover over one for a second, and find out all you need to know about his or her donors.

National lobbyist group mulls Jane Norton route, looks for euphemism

In 2010, Colorado Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Jane Norton didn't want to be called a lobbyist. She said she was a director or an executive in "government relations."

Former lobbyists working for Congress outnumber elected lawmakers

Former lobbyists now working as congressional staffers by far outnumber elected members of Congress, according to a new analysis by the research group LegiStorm.

Anti-regulation U.S. Chamber of Commerce pouring record sums into lobbying

The Obama years have so far been a predictable boom-time for the army of anti-regulation lobbyists paid by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. The Center for Responsive Politics reports that the Chamber spent $276 million over the past two years lobbying against, among other things, health care reform, environmental protections and Wall Street regulations. The Chamber is the number-one spender on lobbying this year as in years past, but it is outdoing itself, setting records in its own outrageous largess. In just the last three months of 2010, the Chamber spent $50.9 million on lobbying at the federal, state and grassroots levels. That's a step down from last year, when in the last financial quarter as health and financial industry reform were being discussed in DC, the Chamber spent $79 million from October through December to defeat or water-down Democratic legislation.

U.S. Senate primary: grassroots vs insiders, but who’s who?

With two close primary races for the U.S. Senate, some Colorado voters will go to the polls today or drop off last-minute mail-in ballots to determine who will battle it out in November. The vast majority of votes in what could be a record for a primarily mail-in election are already in. And the candidates for both parties would have voters believe that what’s at stake is the soul of the state – grassroots, western self-determination versus entrenched, inside-the-Beltway career political cronyism.

Bennet, Romanoff differ on role lobbyists should play in drafting bills

The ugly back and forth on the power of special interests that has shaped the U.S. Senate primary contest pitting Andrew Romanoff against Michael Bennet has so far turned mostly on abstractions and circumstantial speculations. Former state House Speaker Romanoff has railed against big money donors and highlighted Bennet votes he thought raised questions about influence. Senator Bennet has fired back that although candidate Romanoff takes no special interest money, lawmaker Romanoff was deep into the trough. Romanoff has rejected political action committee money. Bennet has said PAC spending is a matter of public record and so is not the problem Romanoff is making it out to be.

GOP Senate candidate Norton goes on the record: ‘I’ve not been...

In an interview with a Colorado Springs radio talk show host Tuesday, former lieutenant governor and Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Jane Norton said she has never worked as a lobbyist. She was responding to callers looking to feel out her conservative credentials. "On the lobbyist thing, I've not been a lobbyist," she said.

Bill to smooth lobbyist access in Denver founders on populist backlash

DENVER-- Lawmakers killed a bill in committee Tuesday that would have allowed lobbyists to bypass security lines at the capitol. The bill drew attention from the media for appearing to integrate lobbyists into the capitol culture in a way that citizens are not. The bill failed four votes to seven.
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