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Terry ‘Col Birther’ Lakin backers remain skeptical after Obama birth certificate...

"Today's action doesn't solve this issue," Marco Ciavolino, a staffer at the Terry Lakin Action Fund, told the Colorado Independent in response to news that President Obama released an image of his "long-form" birth certificate today. "The first thing is, you know, why did the president wait so long to release this birth certificate? The other immediate thing is that there is no physical copy to inspect, so far. It's just a pdf. So here we go again," he said, laughing. "It's really not that hard."

Udall call for non-partisan State of the Union seating draws ‘birther’...

Colorado Senator Mark Udall's proposal that Democratic and Republican members of the House and Senate abandon the segregated State of the Union seating of years past and sit together Tuesday night has caught on. Udall plans to sit with GOP members of the Colorado delegation. South Carolina GOP Rep. Joe Wilson, who heckled the president last year, is sitting with Democratic colleagues from the House Armed Services Committee. Former Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi turned down a seating invitation from GOP majority leader Eric Cantor, but she plans to sit with GOP Maryland Rep. Roscoe Bartlett.
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