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Greeley area hit by second earthquake this month

On Monday at 11:27 a.m., a 2.6 magnitude earthquake rattled to the surface from 2.5 miles under the earth 5 miles north-east of Greeley. It's roughly the same spot that generated a 3.4 magnitude quake on June 2nd.

Denver power brokers sure to be eyeing Loveland fracking vote

The vote in Colorado tomorrow that will have the most immediate effect on state politics is likely not the four-way Republican primary race for governor, but the the vote in Loveland on a proposed moratorium on fracking.

Loveland anti-fracking group still waiting for special election to halt drilling

They organized, collected signatures, won a ruling from a judge, but Protect Our Loveland will likely have to wait and weather more appeals before their petition for a two-year halt on fracking can be put to a vote.

Greeley Weighs Proposal to Add More Fracking Wells Within City Limits

Today in Greeley, the city at the heart of Colorado's Front Range "frack country," a seven-member planning commission will consider a proposal by oil and gas company Synergy to add three more well-drilling facilities "and related equipment" to a site already being drilled in a scenic residential neighborhood roughly three miles from the city center. Synergy is one of the companies working the boom in natural-gas extraction in area of the rich Wattenberg Field, which stretches under most of north-east Colorado. The boom is mostly the product of the effectiveness of hydraulic fracturing, the extraction technique where millions of gallons of a mixture of water, chemicals and sand is blasted deep into the earth to free trapped gas.

Human-caused wildfires further fan flames of beetle-kill debate

Wildfire season in Colorado took a while to get going but now appears to be in full swing in late summer, with a blaze near Loveland claiming two homes and spreading to 900 acres over the weekend just as firefighters gained the upper hand on Boulder’s Fourmile Canyon Fire.

Sources: King numbers on Muslim family reunification way off

At a pro-Arizona anti-illegal immigration rally in Loveland, Colorado, Saturday, firebrand conservative Iowa Congressman Steve King, responding to a question from the audience, said...

Tancredo celebrates Arizona for outlawing multicultural education programs

At a pro-Arizona event in Loveland, Colorado, Saturday, anti-illegal immigration warrior and former Congressman Tom Tancredo rallied the crowd by talking about not just...

WATCH: Voter voices from the Republican state assembly

What are conservative voters thinking as 2010 election summer begins? Candidate delegates and campaign volunteers spoke to the Colorado Independent outside the state assembly...

Colorado Republicans rallied by state assembly siege rhetoric

LOVELAND-- U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman brought the house down Saturday at the Colorado Republican Party assembly here when he stood foursquare with Arizona over immigration. “The people of Arizona have had enough of illegal immigration, they’ve had enough of a federal government that will not secure our borders. I can tell you this: My wife and I are planning a vacation in the State of Arizona..."

Speeding Tea Party rhetoric bangs against Ref C guardrail in Loveland

At last week's 4th congressional district candidate forum in Loveland, theoretical anti-tax anti-government consensus broke down briefly during discussion of Referendum C, Colorado's 2005 voter-supported "TABOR timeout," which has become a litmus-test topic for state Republican candidates this year.
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