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Lawmakers driving to open market for new taxi companies

It may be the most underreported bipartisan story of the session. Taxicab drivers looking to expand their driver-owned company have been flocking to the...

Civil and digital rights advanced

notes on the 111th day of the 2014 legislative session

Senate moves to regulate Lyft, Uber; House all-in for audit of...

It's the 59th day of the 2014 legislative session — just a day shy of the half-way mark. Though it almost caused Sen. Hill to ruin Sen. Harvey's birthday, Lyft and Uber will probably get to stay in Colorado under new regulations.

Bipartisan lawmakers hail bill to regulate cyber-taxies

Mobile transit aps like Lyft and Uber are increasingly popular in Denver, often cheaper and faster than taking a taxi, and currently unregulated by the state of Colorado. The Public Utilities Commission recently announced that they would shut these companies down if the legislature didn't take action to allow the Commission at least some degree of oversight over this burgeoning area of the transit industry.
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