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Senate’s gun-rights bills shot down by House Democrats

Just one bill to expand gun rights in Colorado is still standing after a state House committee dispatched three pro-gun bills Wednesday. That last remaining...

Magpul still hiring in Colorado, background check required

The gun-accessory maker is dead-set against a state law requiring criminal background checks for gun purchases, but it's all for them when it comes to screening job applicants.

Magpul is relocating because it landed long-sought financial deal

The gun company was exploring moving out of state as part of a plan to expand long before lawmakers passed the gun bills. They got publicity. Then they got the deal.

Magpul back then: Newtown shooter a ‘doucherocket,’ his crimes the fault...

Magpul Industries has remained quiet in the wake of news that the shooter in the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary school used three of the company's 30-round ammunition magazines. The silence is a departure.

Littwin on Sandy Hook’s devoted and disturbed Magpul customer

It's basically a footnote to the report issued Monday by the Connecticut State Attorney's office, but the 30-round magazines used in the Sandy Hook massacre were manufactured by Magpul Industries.

Wiretap: The shutdown is over, Magpul is still here

OK, one more day on the shutdown, and that's all. We promise. Do check out the David Denby review of "12 Years a Slave."
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