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Wiretap: Spurred by shootings, California lawmakers introduce gun control bill

The legislation "would create a gun violence restraining order, establishing a system where concerned family members and others notify law enforcement of someone demonstrating propensity to commit violence."

Catholic groups have spent millions to fund anti-gay marriage Initiatives nationally

The Knights of Columbus, a Catholic fraternal society founded in New Haven in 1881, does a lot of good work detailed in a lengthy report on its charitable giving in 2009. Add to that list a donation of a whopping $1.4 million in 2009 to the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), a nonprofit group dedicated to fighting same-sex marriage.

A new path for Colorado? Maine votes on new tax structure

Tomorrow, Maine voters will decide on whether or not to retain a tax overhaul passed by that state's legislature last year. The Maine proposal...

Sundance to premiere film documenting Mormon push to defeat gay marriage

The Mormon church poured money and effort into the campaign to pass Proposition 8 in California, the initiative that outlawed gay marriage there. Director...

Marriage defenders celebrate victory in New York, await investigation in Maine

The National Organization for Marriage is pouring salt in the wound after the gay marriage defeat in New York with a celebratory fundraiser release...

Anti-tax movement ponders two big defeats

Election night was bittersweet for Andrew Moylan. The young government affairs manager of the conservative National Taxpayers Union was watching returns in Asheville, N.C., with fellow attendees of the conservative State Policy Network’s annual meeting. Early in the night, the gubernatorial races in Virginia and then New Jersey went to the Republicans. Moylan, however, was watching the returns on two anti-tax, anti-spending ballot measures in Maine and Washington. Those weren’t turning out so well.

“I care a lot less about Republicans than I do about policy,” Moylan said. “So it was depressing to watch those numbers come in.”

Poll suggests Maine anti-gay marriage measure facing defeat

Buried in this poll on Maine political attitudes is a question on the Nov. 3 same-sex marriage referendum that does not auger well for...

TABOR on Trial III: The Maine Event

Maine already has a TABOR-like spending-limitation law. Proposed by Governor John Baldacci, it passed the state legislature in January 2005 -- just two months...
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