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Revamped Gingrich campaign will ‘bring Americans together’

What happened to the Gingrich campaign? What was it that led the 2012 Republican presidential hopeful to right out of the gate break with party orthodoxy and say what he genuinely thought of the GOP Ryan budget plan and then to wander away from the campaign trail in a way that spurred his staff to band together and jump ship. Maybe it was the phone call Gingrich took a couple months ago from Dr. Malik Hasan, of the Colorado Hasans, longtime major GOP financial backers.

McInnis asked to renew water fellowship, Hasans laughed him off

When Scott McInnis left Congress and came to the Hasan family looking for work, sympathetic Malik Hasan gave McInnis a $300,000 fellowship that he...

Hasan Foundation demands McInnis money back, but questions remain

VAIL - In the wake of the Hasan Family Foundation concluding its internal probe of the Scott McInnis plagiarism scandal Friday and demanding repayment of his fellowship funds, questions continue to swirl about whether the $300,000 was in fact some form of a political contribution.
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