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Slick campaigning: Tipton taps oil and gas sector to fill coffers

Oil and gas money is greasing the wheels of U.S. Rep. Scott Tipton's reelection campaign, which more than doubled its fundraising bounty for the quarter that just ended, public records show.

Inhofe endorses Perry, who calls for less regulation of Wall Street...

One of the world's premier global warming deniers, Sen. James Inhofe, R-OK, Monday endorsed Rick Perry for president. Colorado politics watchers may remember it was shortly before last November's election that Inhofe came to Colorado to engage in some joint campaigning with senate candidate Ken Buck.

McInnis dodges financial disclosure, fears ‘taking a beating’

The race for governor in Colorado took a turn this weekend, as the candidates released tax returns to the public. Democrat John Hickenlooper released more than two decades of returns. Republican Scott McInnis released only a couple of years' worth, and he released those returns reluctantly. Indeed, on April 15 he told Fox News Radio in Loveland that he wasn't going to comply with a Denver Post request to release his returns. "I'm not going to invite myself to my own beating," he told hosts Keith Weinman and Gail Fallen. Although the Fox News hosts didn't ask him to elaborate, media outlets and activist groups have taken up the cause.

Pollster says Colorado not so Blue after all, despite shift to...

Despite sweeping electoral victories and dramatic shifts in party registration, Colorado hasn't really shifted allegiance to the ruling Democrats, pollster Floyd Ciruli told a gathering of the state's county commissioners Wednesday. "People are saying, 'Go ahead, we'll give you a year or two.' And then they might pull the franchise if it doesn't work out," Ciruli told a gathering of Colorado Counties, Inc., according to Politics West's John Ingold.

Holtzman Didn’t Do It

In late August, when it first started to look like Bob Beauprez might not be able to close the gap on Democrat Bill Ritter...
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