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New study indicates that fracking poses substantial risk to water

A new study has raised fresh concerns about the safety of gas drilling in the Marcellus Shale, concluding that fracking chemicals injected into the ground could migrate toward drinking water supplies far more quickly than experts have previously predicted.

Despite election-year rhetoric, U.S. energy booming in Obama era

Stumping in Colorado before the GOP caucuses earlier this month, Republican presidential candidates Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich zeroed in on energy policy, arguing that the Obama administration is pushing an environmentally radical anti-business agenda that is bad for the economy and for national security. The speeches went over well with conservative primary voters, but mainstream reporters and analysts have a whole different take on the energy-industry "problem" facing the United States in the Obama era, one that has to do with historically booming production levels.

Colbert’s frack attack reveals sad demise of tortured ‘Talisman Terry’ frack-osaurus

Stephen Colbert satirically skewered Talisman Energy’s “Talisman Terry” coloring book character Monday night, following the sad tale to its conclusion with the loveable “frack-osaurus” ultimately lighting himself on fire in a natural-gas-contaminated shower scene.

Coloradans look to Texas, New York cases in gas fracking debate

Citizen activists on Colorado’s Western Slope are pointing to a Texas case of well-water contamination caused by oil and gas drilling activity as a prime example of what they want to avoid in this state and what regulators should be guarding against in heavily drilled Garfield County.

Pittsburgh bans gas drilling, citing ‘significant threat to health’

The city of Pittsburgh Tuesday night banned natural gas drilling within the city limits, with the city council voting 9-0 to avoid the “significant...

‘Gasland,’ showing on HBO tonight, skewers Colorado’s natural gas industry

Filmmaker Josh Fox was living in northeastern Pennsylvania above the massive Marcellus Shale natural gas play when he decided to make “Gasland,” a documentary...

State regulators dismiss frack-fluid ID-tagging proposal

Environmental activists are calling on Colorado officials to require oil and gas companies to chemically tag the fluids used in hydraulic fracturing, an increasingly controversial natural gas drilling process. Many suspect that "fracking" may be contaminating ground water and chemical tags would make it possible for regulators to identify the source of any contamination. The idea is a hot topic among those favoring increased federal oversight of the process, but industry officials won’t even discuss the idea, and state regulators say it’s barely on their radar screens.

New York report blasts gas industry as GarCo weighs FRAC Act...

Even as the Garfield County commissioners today take up debate on a resolution regarding the FRAC (Fracturing Responsibility and Awareness of Chemicals) Act, an...

McInnis praises gas-happy Pa. despite increasing chemical contamination

Former U.S. Rep. Scott McInnis, a six-time Republican congressman representing Colorado’s Western Slope, would like to turn the state’s prime mountain playgrounds into something...

‘Life in the Red Zone’ gas drilling film depicts flaming Fort...

The new documentary “Split Estate” is getting all the publicity on Colorado’s Western Slope lately, but a filmmaker from Milanville, Pa., shot a raw,...
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