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Mixed-bag Anthem settlement and Obamacare funds put insurers on notice

Although a large portion of the $20 million that health insurance giant Anthem Wellpoint agreed to pay Colorado policyholders will simply funnel back to Anthem, the settlement and the new $1 million that Colorado insurance industry regulators will receive this year through the new health reform legislation sends a strong message to insurers to deal fairly in the state, according to consumer advocates and commissioners at the state's regulatory Division of Insurance.

Curry, Roberts plan to delay mandate moratorium

One hurdle has been lowered for this session's proposed state legislation that would seek to force health insurance companies to cover more people and more conditions in Colorado. State Reps Kathleen Curry and Ellen Roberts have decided to postpone a controversial moratorium on health insurance mandates in a bill they argue will improve the mandate process .

Marcy Morrison Gets The Last Laugh

Marcy Morrison is eating her just dessert. The self-described Rockefeller Republican, whose community service spans decades - and whose thanks have included members of her...

Marcy Morrison’s Hard, Bumpy Ride

As the Rocky Mountain News pointed out this weekend, the ranks of Republican women in the Colorado Legislature has dwindled dramatically from just six...
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