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FoF head Dobson backs Santorum, citing ‘knowledge of international politics’

James Dobson, founder of Colorado Springs-based evangelical Christian empire Focus on the Family, today endorsed Rick Santorum for president. The move comes a week after prominent conservative leaders met in Texas to choose one candidate to rally around in the so-far fractious Republican primary. As a U.S. senator from Pennsylvania and as a presidential candidate, Santorum has made his stands on social issues his calling card, touting his opposition to gay rights, abortion and even contraception. Yet Dobson in his announcement cited Santorum's expertise on foreign affairs as the main factor driving the endorsement.

Marianne Gingrich-ABC News bomb set to rain down on Gingrich campaign

Marianne Gingrich, Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich's "second ex-wife"-- as the promotional material puts it-- unloaded on the former House Speaker as a philandering hypocrite in an interview with ABC's Brian Ross scheduled to air tonight on “Nightline.” The much-anticipated interview comes as Gingrich's candidacy is surging and just a day before South Carolina primary voters will head to the polls.
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