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Doug Bruce disclosure violations no threat to petitions, so far

Colorado Springs Gazette writer Eileen Welsome reported yesterday that non-resident professional petition circulators worked in Colorado last year to land three tax-slashing initiatives on...

DPS school board drama could have statewide impact

The post-election drama at the Denver School Board could not only impact students in Denver— it could hurt the state’s chances for federal Race...

Impound-initiative backer says delay tactics knocked it off Lakewood ballot

LAKEWOOD — The so-called impound initiative will not appear on the ballot when this Denver suburb's residents vote in November. The controversial initiative missed the deadline to be referred to the ballot, and the man behind the initiative, Daniel Hayes, said the cause is legal maneuvering that amounted to delay tactics.

Colorado Supreme Court fast-tracks ‘clean government’ amendment case

The future of controversial so-called clean government Amendment 54 has been fast-tracked by the Colorado Supreme Court. This week the Court directed attorneys to submit records by next Friday, Sept. 4. Court arguments will begin in the fall. "There's a perceived obligation to get appellate clarity when the voters have adopted a law and it has been declared unconstitutional," said Mark Grueskin, one of the high-powered attorneys who represented plaintiffs fighting the amendment. "There's just added importance to getting the Supreme Court to weigh in and say there is or is not a problem."

Judge delivers written injuction of ‘clean government’ Amendment 54

Denver District Judge Catherine Lemon delivered her written preliminary injunction of Amendment 54 this afternoon. The judge decided in favor of plaintiff's at a...

Unions breathe sigh of relief as judge issues Amendment 54 injunction

Denver District Court Judge Catherine Lemon issued an injunction against controversial voter-approved Amendment 54 on Tuesday, agreeing with lawyers for the plaintiffs that the vague and often confusing language of the amendment created laws that were overly broad and clearly violated the right to free speech.

Bipartisan ballot initiative reform bill gains unanimous committee support

Legislation introduced by Colorado House Speaker Terrance Carroll that would reform the state's notoriously loose ballot initiative petition process passed the State, Veterans and Military Affairs Committee on Tuesday with an unanimous vote, underlining the bipartisan support the bill has gained in the week since it was introduced, partly due to the collaborative approach the speaker, a Denver Democrat, used in drafting the language.

Musgrave-Markey spat raises question: Are campaign lies a crime?

In Colorado, recklessly making false statements about candidates who are running for public office is a criminal offense. But, years after the strict sanctions were adopted, no one has gone to jail for knowingly lying about their political enemies — indeed many say that making such a case stick would be nearly impossible.

41 Ruling Raises More Questions

Like most of the issues surrounding Colorado's new Ethics in Government law, Thursday's injunction blocking the gift ban to elected officials and government employees...

Down To The Wire With 41

A resolution to request the Colorado Supreme Court review the constitutionality of a bill to install Amendment 41 has sailed through a Senate committee....