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Green is the new blue, Colorado

The election was marked by lack of enthusiasm and disengagement by the vast majority of Colorado environmental activists. If Democrats want to turn Colorado blue again, they’ll have to turn it greener, too.

Koch-backed groups move fast post-election to head off wind-power tax credit

Conservative groups funded by the oil billionaire Koch brothers dumped millions of dollars this year into electing Republicans to Congress, and now they are looking to take advantage of coming Republican control on Capitol Hill.

Wiretap: ‘He voted with Obama 99 percent of the time’

Why did Republicans win so handily in the midterms? Lots of reasons, including this one: You can't run away from an unpopular president in your own party.

Watchdogs hound Udall: Release CIA torture report

Government watchdogs who have been alarmed by national security overreach lost a champion on Capitol Hill this week when U.S. Senator Mark Udall failed in his bid for re-election, but they see a silver lining in his defeat.

Littwin: The human sunbeam and the red meat warriors

  Let's try a little revisionist history -- my favorite kind. What if I were to tell you that John Hickenlooper had collected more votes in...

High Country Election Reflection: Time for dialogue

Udall was probably the closest thing we had in Congress to a champion for the mountains, so there was a real sense of sadness in the wake of his loss to Cory Gardner.

Gardner ousts Udall as part of national GOP Senate sweep

In a night of many Republican victories, none was sweeter for those at the Hyatt Regency Denver Tech Center Tuesday night than the Senate win by Congressman Cory Gardner.

Littwin: A Republican wave, a Democratic disaster and a mystery

Was it Hickenlooper or was it Obama? Was it Michael Bennet or was it Harry Reid Was it Ebola or was it ISIS? Was it the six-year itch or a full-body rash?

Gardner’s win a crown jewel for GOP

  In a night of many Republican victories, none was sweeter for those at the Hyatt Regency Denver Tech Center on Tuesday than the Senate...

Bennet left to survey sweeping Republican Senate gains

U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet, a Democrat from Colorado, consoles a supporter Tuesday night after learning that his colleague, Mark Udall, had been defeated and the Republicans would gain control of the Senate.
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