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Wiretap: Utilities hate your rooftop solar panels, of course

What's the fuss? This: If 10 percent of the energy market were to go to rooftop solar, utility earnings could take as much as a 40 percent hit.

Excessive-force trial throws spotlight on notorious Denver jail

For more than four years, Denver’s official story on Marvin Booker has been that he died of natural causes, coincidentally while under a pile of deputies who had handcuffed, nunchucked, choked and Tasered him.

Denver Sheriff’s Department talks ‘matrix,’ but we need justice

The city’s position is that its hands are tied by the “matrix” – the legal framework used to mete out discipline in misconduct cases. The punishment for committing this Jim Crow-type brutality was a 30-day suspension.

Unresponsive: Denver officials refuse comment on videotaped courtroom attack

“It’s reprehensible that leadership doesn’t have enough backbone to stand up and say this is wrong,” said Rev. Reginald Holmes, pastor of Denver’s New Covenant Christian Church/Alpha Omega Ministries.

Activists mark jailhouse death of Marvin Booker, vow to change Denver...

This past Saturday marked the one-year anniversary of Marvin Booker's death at the Denver jail after a tragic confrontation with Sheriff Department deputies. Booker's parents commemorated the dark day by joining members of a rights coalition and police brutality awareness activists for a rally in front of the jailhouse. Booker's death was one of several high-profile episodes over the last few years that have sparked widespread concerns over law enforcement practices in the Denver metro area. At the event Saturday, the ACLU's Rosemary Harris Lytle said the group asked the U.S. Justice Department to investigate police practices in the city.
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