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Guv signs budget; local-control ghost bill makes racket; lots of bills...

This year's "long bill" includes more money for public safety, $144 million for flood and wildlife recovery and $100 million to make higher education in the state more affordable.

June revenue forecast stronger than expected

The Colorado Legislative Council today released its quarterly forecast, showing that the state is bringing in more money than expected and that Colorado seems to be recovering from the recession at a slightly faster pace than the country as a whole.

Fee increases could cause 2,000 children to go without health insurance

As the long bill passed the House on 3rd and final reading Thursday, a JBC-initiated bill that may cause 2,000 low-income children to drop out of a Colorado health care assistance program also won the Legislature's approval.

Joint Budget Committee compromises, introduces budget

The Joint Budget Committee comes to terms on budget and averts a stand-off. Bill restores some education funding and scales back some PERA contributions.

Senate Dems elect leadership for 2011 session

Democrats in the Colorado State Senate today announced their leadership for the 2011 session. They are: Senate President: Sen. Brandon Shaffer (SD-17, Longmont) Senate President Pro...

Toilet Paper and Watermelons

Lawmakers in several other states feel Rep. Mary Hodge's pain. The Brighton Democrat drew laughs from colleagues when she introduced a bill earlier this...
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