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Courts consistently allow flagrant discrimination against LGBT jurors

“I believe that people who are either transsexuals or transvestites — I don’t know what the proper term is — traditionally are more liberal-minded thinking people, tend to associate more with the defendants because, obviously, they have been either ridiculed before or are feeling in a position of being in a microscope all the time and are outcasts which lends themselves to associating more with the defendant.”

Suthers responds to criticism of support for Defense of Marriage Act

Republican Colorado Attorney General John Suthers Saturday explained to critics again why, on behalf of the citizens of the state, he joined a Massachusetts gay marriage case. Progressive groups have accused Suthers of overreaching in support of an anti-gay politics agenda and have ridiculed his explanations for the move as waffling and unconvincing. Attorney General's office spokesman Mike Saccone told the Colorado Independent there's nothing inconsistent about Suther's position and that Suthers penned an op-ed for the Denver Post in response to criticism.

Salazar blasted for Cape Cod wind farm even as crews set...

Republicans like Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown apparently prefer the drill-baby-drill consequences of offshore drilling, where 42,000 gallons of oil a day are currently oozing...

Congressional Democrats scramble for a Plan B

WASHINGTON-- It was meant to be a populist legislative victory that would usher Democrats straight through the 2010 midterm elections: a sweeping health care reform bill offering affordable coverage to tens of millions of uninsured Americans, while preventing insurance companies from denying coverage based on pre-existing conditions.

Then came Massachusetts.

Conservative grassroots strategy lands Brown in Kennedy’s Senate seat

BOSTON — The volunteers, journalists, and donors who entered the ballroom of the Park Plaza Hotel on Tuesday were greeted by a kind of enthusiasm uncharacteristic to Massachusetts Republican campaigns. The room was packed only an hour after the polls closed. Among the throngs were Jenny Beth Martin and Mark Meckler, leaders of Tea Party Patriots, who’d flown in from Georgia and California to watch the final stretch of Scott Brown’s U.S. Senate bid. Meckler held up a Video camera, panning it across the room to capture the Brown supporters as they chatted and lined up for food and drinks.

Special election dispatch: Splitting the vote in working-class Quincy

QUINCY, Mass. — In this city a few minutes south of Boston, working-class voters were splitting between Democrat Martha Coakley and Republican Scott Brown. “I...

Conservative activists fan out in Boston fraud-watching the election

David Weigel from our sister site in Washington is on the ground in Boston for the neck-and-neck special election to fill the seat left...

In Mass. race to replace Kennedy, Brown stresses insurgency over issues

WRENTHAM, Mass. – Katherine Monroe started making phone calls to “soft Dems”–the term that Scott Brown’s Republican campaign for Senate uses for registered Democrats who don’t always vote the party line–in mid-December. At the time, to her surprise, they were splitting 50-50 between Brown and Martha Coakley, the Democratic state attorney general. As Brown has gained momentum for his out-of-nowhere bid, her responses have been getting more and more one-sided for Brown. At times, they’ve gotten rapturous.