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Gessler’s proposed changes to election rules draw heated objections

Over the course of a five-hour rulemaking hearing Monday, Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler probably got the message that a lot of people are unhappy with proposed rules that would stop county clerks from mailing ballots to inactive voters in some elections, change the way canvass boards are selected and give county clerks more power to determine how much access election watchers have.

Colorado GOP donors fly below the radar with maze of 527...

In Colorado, organizing, infrastructure and fundraising within the Democratic Party and progressive organizations are the stuff of legend. The story of how liberal mega-millionaires and single-minded cooperation on the left turned this formerly solid red state to purple and blue have been told and retold for years. The story of coordination among conservatives groups, however, and the way millions of dollars each election cycle slosh to candidates and causes on the right has received relatively scant attention.

Colorado’s Latino voters could be key in run to the White...

In Colorado and a handful of other swing states, the Hispanic vote is expected to be a key factor in this year's presidential election. As Republican campaign rhetoric around immigration has continued to turn off many Latino voters, some GOP strategists are suggesting the eventual Republican nominee can appeal to Hispanics by focusing on economic issues.

Colorado Dems do the math: What you can get with Romney’s...

The Colorado Democratic Party is blasting mega-millionaire Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney for the flippant $10,000 bet he proposed to rival Rick Perry during the nationally televised candidate debate Saturday. The awkward proposal, coming amid an historic jobless recession where voters continue to lose their homes and their livelihoods at extraordinary rates, was exactly the kind of bumbling reflexive move that playwrights and novelists love: a toss-off act that gives away the game. State Democratic Party Chair Rick Palacio has done some math and has come up with a short list of "what $10,000 gets you in Colorado."

VIDEO: DNC launches Spanish language TV ad in Denver

The Democratic National Committee announced today it is launching a Spanish-language television ad in the Denver market in support of President Obama's jobs bill.

Health care reform hit by federal appeals court

A federal appeals court today struck down a key provision of President Obama's health care reform law, saying the government could not force people to buy insurance.
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