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Littwin: The Great Pot Shot

Now we know what they do on a slow day (in other words, every day but 'Husker game day) in Nebraska. They take their...

ICYMI: MoDo’s bad trip, the billboard version

The ad refers to a column Dowd wrote about buying a pot-laced candy bar in Denver, taking a few large bites and descending into full Willy-Wonka freak out, lying in her hotel and turning extra-conscious mental pirouettes for hours.

Wiretap: Mississippi GOP-Tea Party showdown headed for overtime

The "struggle for control of the Republican party," a long-running favorite politics media narrative, was the winner of yesterday's Republican U.S. Senate primary race in Mississippi.

Wiretap: Georgia’s ‘guns everywhere’ public-safety experiment

Some parts of the bill seem to be there just to show that they can be -- like making it legal to carry in certain parts of the airport. Hey, it's good for (the gun and bullet) business!

Wiretap: It couldn’t just disappear; it did disappear

Lost: What could have happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370.

Now a word from fictional President Bartlet…

I love The West Wing. I find myself taking notes on what politics could become if only our leaders acted more like, well, leaders. West Wing creator Aaron Sorkin recently wrote a fictional dialog between real presidential candidate Barack Obama and fake President Josiah Bartlet. It's positively brilliant.

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