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Traditional print journalism losing impact?

The New York Observer printed an interesting article Tuesday asking the simple question: Is print journalism impacting this election cycle in the same way it has others before it? The answer from New York Times editors and reporters was "No."

Press forum: News orgs aren’t pushing for info like they used...

A panel of Colorado journalists said an industry downturn has led media companies to shy away from pressing for access to government information, Gil Klein posts on his National Press Club blog on Thursday.

Google to digitize newspaper archives, attach advertising

In effort to offer users more relevant content, and to make money through online ads, Google announced this week that it will start digitizing newspaper archives and make them available as part of its Google News search platform.

Google’s share of online ad revenue questioned

The online search engine and advertising behemoth Google could be taken to court by the U.S. government. A report out in the Guardian today outlines a possible antitrust suit that could be brought against Google after its newest advertising agreement with competitor Yahoo could leave Google with as much as 80 percent of all online advertising.

Traditional media needs a spine, Dan Rather says

In a scathing rebuke of America’s mainstream media, former CBS anchor Dan Rather bemoaned the state of political coverage Tuesday afternoon, in the midst of this week's Democratic National Convention.

Grand Junction Daily Sentinel to be sold

The owners of Grand Junction’s paper of record, the Daily Sentinel, are putting the publication up for sale in an effort to divest themselves...

Newspapers stocks plummeting as the vultures keep circling

With ad revenue plummeting and readers shifting to a diversified digital world, traditional newspaper companies once fat on annual profit margins as high as...

A Week Of Newsroom Carnage

Amid the carnage of newsroom cuts all over Colorado in recent months, one blogger's response to Jim Spencer's farewell column today carries an ominous...
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