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Denver Post Chairman Singleton steps down at Salt Lake Trib

The Tribune announced that approximately 20 percent of its editorial staff will soon be laid off.

Print-your-own news: Corporate loves it!

Determined not to just fade away, at least not in the any-time-soon, Denver Post parent company MediaNews Group is bravely grappling with new-media news...

Print-your-own newspaper experiment underway in Denver

Denver MediaNews Group's "Individualized News" product was reportedly scheduled to begin printing in 25 Highland neighborhood homes this morning. By now readers have been roused by the sound of a desk-top printer churning out an eight-page I-edition of the news. This version of your morning paper is not affected by the weather. It is six regular-size sheets printed on both sides with stories on topics tailored to your liking along with two sheets of local business coupons. Awkward? Backward-looking? Redundant? Maybe. But it's an idea that would seem attractive at least to advertisers, a key factor in news-industry business-plan formulations these days.

Moody’s flags owners of Denver Post, 17 Colorado media outlets as...

The parent companies of the Denver Post and 17 Colorado newspapers, television channels and radio stations were named Tuesday to the "U.S. Bottom Rung" list — a rogues' gallery of media corporations most likely to default on their debt.

MediaNews Group: Print your own damn newspaper

It looks like MediaNews Group's top secret Project X has been revealed. I'll admit I'm seriously underwhelmed by the "individuated news" or I-News concept, and apparently so are Denver Post readers; one finds only chirping crickets in the online story's barren comment section.

Analyst: Give the Rocky Mountain News 90 days, then it’s gone

The announcement Thursday that Denver's Rocky Mountain News is on the block for the next 30 days starts a clock ticking that will "almost certainly" lead to the 149-year-old newspaper shutting down in 90 days, writes Alan D. Mutter, who blogs about the news business in Reflections of a Newsosaur.

Denver Post, other MediaNews Group papers likely to endorse Obama

Denver Post owner William Dean Singleton said Monday he wants to hear the debates before he decides who gets his vote, but the editors in his newspaper empire are "leaning" toward a Barack Obama endorsement.
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