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Rove on the Bush years: It’s everybody else’s fault

Washington memoirs are all about settling scores. Karl Rove’s “Courage and Consequence: My Life as a Conservative in the Fight” takes that tradition to new and self-parodying heights. To read Rove’s recollections of George W. Bush’s White House is to believe that, for eight years, men of “courage and moral clarity” governed the United States and were beset by critics who refused to give them any credit. On page after page, Rove names the naysayers and picks apart their claims. He’s most at ease — his delight jumps right off of the page — when he’s able to recount times he shoved the criticisms back in their faces.

Palin insta-memoir ‘Going Rogue’ priced to sell at $9

Former governor Sarah Palin completed her memoir in four months. She knew what she wanted to say, apparently, and had Lynn Vincent, a senior...

Sarah Palin’s insta-book and the future of journalism

Sarah Palin finished her memoir four months after reaching a book deal. That's fast. Maybe too fast. Or maybe too slow! Roughly two weeks...
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