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Stapleton DUI police report as quoted by Denver Post leaves questions...

Excerpts trickling out from police records describing a 1999 drunk driving accident in San Francisco seem to corroborate the account of Ginger Vasquez, a victim in the accident, who said Colorado Treasurer-elect Walker Stapleton was driving drunk and attempted to flee the scene of the accident. The police report conflicts with Stapleton's version of events, in which he has repeatedly denied fleeing the scene.

Treasurer race update: Kennedy factchecks Stapleton ad

In the unusually high-profile treasurer's race this year, the GOP challenger, real estate investor Walker Stapleton, has attempted to paint Democratic incumbent Cary Kennedy as a career politician cloistered from the world of business. In a new ad he argues that he "hasn’t spent a day of [his] career inside of government and my opponent hasn’t spent a day of her career outside of government."
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