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Wiretap: Mixed messages from Ukraine crisis

  It's a difficult problem for Vladimir Putin: How can he find a way out of the Ukrainian crisis without seeming to compromise? As of...

Wiretap: Rubio at sea on climate change science, economics

He pre-launches a presidential bid with a bold leadership position: He says he's not sure climate change is real and it doesn't make economic sense to do anything about it if it were real.

Wiretap: A million more on the Obamacare rolls

What does it mean? For Democrats, Obamacare has to work. For Republicans, it has to fail. All arguments have to be seen in that light.

Littwin: Big boys don’t cry

It's big news. Michael Sam, All-American defensive end from Missouri, announced to the world -- and, maybe even more significantly, to the NFL -- that he is gay.

Wiretap: Snow-free olympics, out footballers, contraception confusion

The scandal is that, if the climate change people are right, we may soon run out of places to hold the Winter Olympics.