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Hello Colorado, it’s still me, John

  John Hickenlooper is generally a crowd pleaser, but in a debate earlier this month against Bob Beauprez, he said something that drew scoffs and...

With primary win, Beauprez, state GOP escape disaster

In his broad steady smile polished with camera light and in a rolling victory speech prepared on and off for years, former Congressman Bob Beauprez on Tuesday night looked and sounded like relief and redemption.

Littwin: Tancredo on his knees

It may not have been much of a win for Bob Beauprez, but it was a huge victory for Colorado Republicans.

Beauprez wins GOP nomination for Governor

DENVER -- Former Congressman Bob Beauprez rallied Republican supporters after winning the party's nomination in a four-way race tonight, emphasizing party unity and signaling...

Primary day: Looking for signs

“This is like the hardest page of ‘Where’s Waldo?' except there’s no Waldo."

Littwin: A GOP primary election doomed to end on the rocks

This is the day Republican primary voters should be nominating someone who could reasonably challenge incumbent Gov. John Hickenlooper. But they won't, because there's no one in the four-way field who can.

Last cash dash reported by GOP primary candidates for governor

Republican candidates for governor of Colorado have yet to out-raise moderate Democratic incumbent John Hickenlooper, or differentiate themselves from each other with a fundraising mega-haul.

Littwin Weekly GOP Gov Rankings: Hick shoots self in the foot;...

It's primary week and finally there's news. We have our first-ever shakeup at the top of the Littwin Weekly GOP Governor's Race Rankings. As LeBron James so ably put it, history is made to be broken.

Pinball, chickens and father-daughter duets: inside three gubernatorial candidates’ cribs

The piece is light on politics and heavy on personality, though the two aren't so easily separated.

Wiretap: Fracking bans are contagious

Waiting on state legislatures or Congress to stiffen oil-and-gas drilling rules is like waiting for Godot. Nothing happens.
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