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Wiretap: Assigning blame for Benghazi

The committee report puts much of the blame on the State Department, but has little to say about Hillary Clinton's role. So Republicans put out an addendum.

Littwin on the Ted Nugent of Colorado politics

The timing of the stories was entirely coincidental, and yet the timing could not have been more perfect.

Littwin on Sandy Hook’s devoted and disturbed Magpul customer

It's basically a footnote to the report issued Monday by the Connecticut State Attorney's office, but the 30-round magazines used in the Sandy Hook massacre were manufactured by Magpul Industries.

Poll numbers are in: Hick, Udall losing, unless matched against a...

It's bad news for Hickenlooper. Bright spot is he gets to run against one of the declared Republican candidates.

Littwin: Obamacare success!

Mike Kopp is worried -- very worried -- about single mothers. At a Republican gubernatorial forum the other night, he told the TV cameras and a live audience about the woeful impact Obamacare insurance cancellations is sure to have on single moms.

Rumor: Mike Kopp entered governor’s race this morning

Mike Kopp enters the GOP primary race for governor. Two questions: Who is he and why is h running?

Latino GOP group calls foul on Kopp opposition to immigrant in-state...

Senator Minority Leader Mike Kopp is leading opposition to the so-called Asset legislation that would grant in-state university tuition to students who have attended at least three years of high school in Colorado but who are neither U.S. citizens nor legal residents of the country. The Littleton Republican wrote an op-ed for the Pueblo Chieftan last week making a case that drew fire from conservative Latino group Somos Republicans. In a release Friday, the group said Kopp was demonizing Colorado youth with preposterous arguments based on shoddy research.

Study says Affordable Care Act will have huge positive impact on...

Colorado House Republicans Tuesday introduced a bill to enable Colorado to opt out of participation in the Affordable Care Act. The bill would cause Colorado to join in an interstate compact with several other states that do not want to participate in the federal health care plan.

Senate Republicans knock Heath on tax increases

As State Senator Rollie Heath calls on Colorado voters to raise taxes in order to better fund education, his friends across the aisle today offered praise to Governor John Hickenlooper for agreeing that now is no time to raise taxes.

FASTER feuding still festers as lawmakers search for short-term solutions to...

While the battle over controversial FASTER vehicle registration fees rages on in the state House, Rep. Millie Hamner, D-Dillon – whose legislative predecessors made a priority of transportation funding – is pushing hard to find solutions for the growing gridlock along the Interstate 70 corridor.
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