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Udall Endorses Brennan for CIA Director, Underlines Need for Greater Oversight

In the wake of an historic Senate filibuster over the murky U.S. laws governing drone strikes, Colorado Senator Mark Udall on Thursday urged his colleagues to confirm John Brennan as the new director of the CIA.

Complaint filed against SOS Scott Gessler

Colorado Common Cause and Colorado Ethics Watch on Thursday filed a complaint in Denver District Court against Secretary of State Scott Gessler that claims Gessler unlawfully weakened Colorado campaign finance laws through the Secretary of State’s rulemaking process.

Arizona sues DOJ over medical marijuana

As every state with legal medical marijuana on the books now seems to have a letter from a U.S. Attorney saying, 'not so fast', Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has taken the whole thing one step beyond by filing suit against the United States Department of Justice in the hope of getting a judicial ruling that clarifies whether Arizona has the right to implement its medical marijuana law.

DOJ smack down of medical marijuana continues, raising questions in Colorado

Could Colorado State employees who work in the regulatory end of the medical marijuana business be prosecuted for their role in what the federal government increasingly seems to view as an illegal enterprise? According to Department of Justice attorneys in Washington State, it is not outside the realm of possibility.

Attorney General Suthers wrings $20K settlement from immigrant scam shop

Colorado Attorney General John Suthers' office has landed a blow for consumers against a Colorado Springs business that was scamming people looking for immigration assistance. Suthers' office announced Wednesday it reached a settlement with Simply Done Immigration and its owner, 45-year-old Joseph P. Corrigan, which, in addition to garnering $20,000 in consumer restitution, bars the company from operating in Colorado. The settlement comes in addition to out-of-court payments equaling $18,000 to be paid by two other individuals associated with the business.

Saguache County election fraud case goes to a grand jury

A major dispute over a flawed election in south-central Colorado is going to a state grand jury. Subpoenas are being passed out in Saguache County, where many are convinced November's election was dirty.

Ballots, lies and videotape – in Saguache County

In Saguache County, the results of last November's election are still being questioned, as wrongdoing is alleged and official complaints pile up.

Virginia health reform ruling bolsters case made by Suthers

Colorado Attorney General John Suthers took a lot of heat when he joined with nearly 20 Republican attorneys general to file a lawsuit against the national health care reform legislation just days after it passed. Detractors saw the suit as a bitter move less about law than about political spectacle. Defenders of Suthers told the Colorado Independent that Suthers was vindicated on Monday when a federal judge in Virginia declared a key provision of the health care law unconstitutional.

Anti-bullying task force would fit with state’s lean mean approach to...

A group of Colorado rights and education organizations is calling on Governor-elect John Hickenlooper and state lawmakers to establish a task force on school bullying and harassment in Colorado. The organizations cite the alarming rash of recent high-profile incidents around the country where harassment led gay high school and university students to commit suicide.

Saccone talks Colorado journalism with Salzman: ‘The show goes on’

Colorado Independent contributor Jason Salzman has been tracking down veteran Colorado journalists who have exited the field, at least temporarily, to talk about...
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