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Why have we stopped talking about guns?

You know by now that in Washington, DC, on Wednesday, an elderly white supremacist and anti-Semite named James W. von Brunn allegedly walked into the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum with a .22-caliber rifle and killed a security guard before being brought down himself. He's 88 years old, with a long record of hatred and paranoid fantasies about the Illuminati and a Global Zionist state. How bitter the bile that has curdled for so many decades.

Little-enforced law opens window for suits against extremist groups

The threats started in 1995. It was the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, and the American Coalition of Life Activists decided to create a poster for their annual meeting listing the names and address of a group of doctors who performed abortions. They called them “the Deadly Dozen,” and declared each guilty of “crimes against humanity.” They offered $5,000 for information leading to their arrest, conviction, or revocation of their medical licenses. ACLA members distributed the poster at the group’s events and published it in an affiliated magazine.

Radical antiabortion forces may rebuild movement around May 31 day of...

The May 31 murder of Wichita physician George Tiller may hold a creepy significance for militant antiabortion protesters in the same manner that Adolph Hitler's birthday has been exploited by white supremacists to wreak racist mayhem.

Fanning the radical anti-abortion flames in Colorado

While ugly confrontation between reproductive-rights advocates and abortion opponents is inevitable, an internecine fight has been brewing between warring camps of absolutists that oppose abortion under any circumstances versus those who advocate for incremental change or are willing to make exceptions in certain cases.

Colorado personhood law backer linked to militant anti-abortion groups

A strange netherworld of extremes exists in today's anti-abortion movement. Nowhere is that more evident than its latest political salvo coming to a voting booth near you in November — Colorado's proposed Amendment 48, the so-called Human Life Amendment, a controversial mandate that seeks to confer constitutional rights to fertilized human eggs.
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