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Paul Curry wins unemployment case against Coors

Former Coors employee Paul Curry, fired earlier this year for being a medical marijuana patient--and for testing positive for the drug--has been awarded unemployment, his attorney Rob Corry told The Colorado Independent.

VIDEO: Coors fires man for using medical marijuana

Paul Curry is out of work. His unemployment claim hasn't yet been ruled on. At least he still has his medical marijuana--of course that's why MillerCoors fired him.

MillerCoors touts corporate responsibility in new logo

With great beer comes great responsibility. At least that's what home-brewed conglomerate MillerCoors asserts — echoing Spider-Man — in its new corporate responsibility logo unveiled this week, the Denver Business Journal reports. In addition to responsible drinking, the campaign means to brand the Golden- and Milwaukee-based beer giant as a paragon of environmental sustainability, community investment, volunteerism, and ethics and transparency, the company says.
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