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Somos Republicans submits statement to King Islamic terror hearing

Somos Republicans, an organization representing Hispanic Republicans submitted the following statement, which was made part of the record in Rep. Pete King's, R-NY, Homeland Security hearing on Islamic terror this week.

Obama nominee faces GOP scrutiny for criticizing Minutemen

On March 13, President Obama nominated Maryland civil rights lawyer Thomas J. Perez for the post of Assistant Attorney General in the Civil Rights...

Sen. Dave Schultheis’ must-reads for the proper conservative

Just in time for Christmas, we’ve stumbled across Colorado Republican state Sen. Dave Schultheis’ list of recommended reading, “for the education of a good conservative.” And not one of the 15 must-reads are a day younger than 35 years old. OK, we exaggerate. One of them was published in this century.

Do Colorado Minutemen Support Shoot To Kill?

They wanted to have their organizing shindig at the Victory American Grill, but the Colorado Minutemen had to change locations at the "last minute"...